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The Pampering Package For Men


Everything you need for a healthy, glowing, beautiful skin

What’s in the package – Nourishing Cream for Men 60ml, Lemon Cleanser 30ml, Almond Serum 30ml 

Great for – men who like to feel and look good

How to use it – clean your face with the lemon cleanser, then wash it with warm water and dry with a clean towel. Apply the serum and then the nourishing cream

When to use it – morning and evening

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What’s in the package

Oats Nourishing Cream for Men

Protects the skin from environmental damages and signs of aging. Its texture is light and it’s absorbed easily. Made from almonds, oats and avocado. You can also apply it to the beard and mustache. 

Lemon Cleanser for Men

Made from lemon, orange and mint this cleanser cleans the skin without washing away essential nutrients or drying it. Gentle, refreshing and light. 

Almond Serum for Men

Nourishes the skin and prevents itchiness and redness. It has a velvety and soft texture and it’s made from almonds, grapefruit and peach. You can apply it to the beard and mustache as well as the skin. 

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