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Donations and gifts

The Joys of Giving

Gifts are the best. It’s a joy to receive them and even more joyful to give them. Our gifts are pretty, colorful, surprising and of the highest quality. They also come at various sizes and can fit into different budgets.

Plus, we offer custom-made gift baskets for companies and organizations.

Cards for A Good Cause

All our gifts come complete with a beautiful wrapping paper and an envelope for your card, and you can also upgrade your gift by choosing a Freedom Farm Sanctuary card.

The card costs only 15 ILS and we donate the entire sum to the farm, so you end up with a beautiful card and get to do some good.

Our Contribution

We donate 10% of our profits to the Freedom Farm Sanctuary - an experiential-educational enterprise that connects people with animals rescued from the food industry, and rescues and treats animals.

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